Bold Design of the Dodge Caliber

Why cars have lost their style

These days, a car needs to make a statement but so often, the statement is more of a whisper. Who wants to drive around in a car with a generic design that can’t be distinguished? It seems that somewhere along their way, cars have lost their style. Vehicles are not pets – drivers don’t want cute cars with winking, colour-changing lights and wagging aerials. They also don’t want to drive around in a square box, or worse. We want to be individual. We want to be stylish.

A classy car is smart on the inside as well as the outside. It’s important to have something that looks good, but also feels great to drive. That’s where we come in. The Dodge Caliber not only has style, it has confidence. Grabbing attention with a rounded shape, oversized halogen headlights and chrome accents for an edgy finish, it makes people stare for all the right reasons. If you want a car with daring, assertive features, look no further. Not only bold in design, the Dodge Caliber backs it up with content. Inside, storage is key: from folding rear and passenger seats, to floor compartments and a roomy centre console. Recline the backseats so you can cruise in style, with a utility table to keep your things close.

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Style is an essential factor when choosing a new car, despite protests to the contrary. There’s a constant competition for the design team to bring out something new and interesting, and over time, the challenge gets harder. Trying to make cars edgy and innovative is important, but in the end, are they really that stylish? We don't think so.

Making a car aesthetically appealing is only one of the requirements that have to be met. The safety, the features and the comfort are all things to consider…all wrapped up in a neat exterior. The Dodge Caliber ticks all these boxes, where other manufacturers ignore individuality altogether.

Maybe it's the wind tunnel testing that has shaped so many similar, lifeless designs? Or is it just the worry that introducing real style is too much of a risk.

The Dodge Caliber is packed with so many stylish features, it brings real attitude right back to the roads. We want to make driving fun again, and make sure you look damn good while you’re at it! The tough yet sleek exterior will ensure you’re miles ahead of the game. So what if other cars have lost their style? We’ve found ours.

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